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Meet Joel

Joel Weintraub

Physiologist, Neuroscience Researcher, Health Educator, Humorous Educator

Who is Joel Weintraub?

Joel Weintraub, M.ed, B.S. is a "humorous educator" who has managed to merge the formerly disparate worlds of comedy and education. By combining his professional comedy experience with his master degree in Physiology and bachelors in health education from Temple University, Joel has entertained and educated diverse audiences such as physicians, accountants, attorneys, financial planners, certified fraud examiners, ​superintendents, teachers, nurses, dietitians and even burglar alarm installers. From the "World Bank" to Dangerfield's Comedy Club to major radio stations, the local news and the Food Channel ... they have alll laughed and learned with "Humor for the Health of it".

Joel Weintraub Keynote Speaker
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