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Overcoming Obesity, Behavior Modification Techniques and Motivational Interviewing


Behavior Modification Techniques

Behavior Modification Techniques to Improve Exercise Compliance, Healthy Eating Habits and How to Control a Ravishing Appetite

Overcoming Obesity

Tips to improve exercise compliance and improve dietary habits include understanding that it takes approximately 30-60 days to break old habits and 90 days to develop new ones. This topic will discuss how to "stay in the game" long enough to make it to the 90th day. You will also learn about the seven foods that help to control a ravishing appetite and how to time your meals to outwit those hunger pangs. You will also be able to give your patients three simple but delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner which will help anchor them toward healthy eating and controlling their cravings. The exercise portion of this program will show you how your patients can develop their own home gym on a shoe-string budget and how they can overcome the excuses of, "I have no time and I can't get motivated". 


What's on and in Your Mind? Explore the Anatomy and Pharmacology of the Brain and it's Influence on Behavior and Addictive Personalities

Did you ever wonder why some students are more compliant than others? Did you ever wonder why other students are resistant to change? Well stay tuned for some exciting answers to these formerly confounding questions. Within one hour we will explore the brain and discover what makes your students do what they do. You will also understand how addictions can sneak up on your students and control their behavior. Fortunately, we will also discover how to gently but effectively break these habits.


Taking Positive Steps to Replace Negative Behavior

Telling students to discontinue self destructive habits can sometimes result in reinforcing that behavior. Replacing negative behavior with positive can lead to extinguishing old habits effortlessly and permanently.


Motivational Interviewing

This seminar will shine new light on motivating students to change. Instead of teaching, it is just as important to empower students to find the path and motivation to change on their own. In the past, student’s amygdala or emotional section of their brain would become exacerbated when "lectured to" or "talked at" and as a result they would be resistant to change. By asking open ended questions and showing empathy, defenses are lowered and goals can now be met with increased focus and action.   


Synergism/How Changing Our Environment can Influence What we Eat and How we Move

No man, woman or child is an island when it comes to improving nutrition and exercise habits. Scientists have now discovered that our health is influenced not just by our physical environment and friends and relatives but also by your friends and relatives contacts as well. That's right. It is now a proven fact that friends of friends, people we have never even met, have an influence on our eating and exercise habits. How could this be? The people you come in contact with on a regular basis are influenced directly by their inner circle. Since your friends actions and behavior is a reflection of  contacts you have never met, these "strangers" still have an effect on what you think and do.


Our physical environment has a direct influence on what we eat and how we move. Learn how to rally your community to change a haphazard physical environment filled with culinary temptations to one that will easily nudge your students into healthy, fit and well nourished citizens.


Super Foods from Around the World

The world is a giant supermarket stocked with superfoods that are not only pleasing to the palate but have also been known to improve our health. Take a tour through various countries as we explore the benefits of Wild Salmon in Alaska, Miso Soup in the Orient, beans in Mexico to the benefits of using Curry in India. We will hop a ship to Europe as we discover the benefits of the Mediterranean diet and journey back to America to explore the chemical properties and benefits of everyday foods such as broccoli, oatmeal and whole grains.


Getting to the Heart of the Matter                                                                       

Metabolic Syndrome, C-Reactive Protein, Lipoprotein a, Pattern b, Homocysteine, Diabetes, Periodontal Disease and Glycemic Index

It is important to stay current about advances in nutrition and health with limited amounts of free time . This program not only delivers information on the new risk factors of heart disease but also demonstrates memory techniques to store and access this information. This seminar also includes information on fat metabolism and inflammation. Within one hour you will understand the relationship of fat cells to leptin, cortisol, adenopectin, resistin, angiotensin and interleukin 6     


What's on and in Your Mind? Explore the Anatomy and Pharmacology of the Brain and it's Influence on Behavior and Addictive Personalities

Did you ever wonder why some people are more empathetic than others? Did you ever ponder how some people are easy to get along with while others become riled very easily? This one hour program will delve into the mysteries of the brain. Understand how addictions can sneak up on us and control our behavior, discover how memories are stored and retrieved more easily when you are emotionally interested in a subject. Understand how some people have to have things go exactly their way or they become frustrated. You will even explore what happens to our brains when we are sleeping. The brain! It's something to think about.


Discover the Relationship Between Sleep, Stress, Humor, Obesity and Hypertension

Getting a good night sleep, reducing stress levels and learning how to laugh at life's frustrations may be just as important as exercise and nutrition in decreasing obesity and lowering blood pressure. Lack of sleep and high stress levels increase Cortisol, which not only boosts abdominal fat and exacerbates cellular inflammation but also increases blood pressure. Learn about the physiology and biochemistry of sleep, stress and fat metabolism and how you can use stress reduction techniques, sleep techniques, exercise, nutrition tips and humor to help overeating, lethargy and control hypertension.


Positive Thoughts Lead to Positive Results

How to Tune up your Attitude and Prevent your Engine from Burning Out

We create our own reality. Our positive thoughts create our positive feelings and our positive feelings lead to positive behavior. Discover how to recharge your life and send your world into positive territory and achieve the results that have been waiting for you your entire life.


Behavior Modification ... The Science Behind Motivation

Sure this very funny and uplifting motivational program is packed with information on setting goals and lighting a fire under your patients' passions, but after learning the secrets behind these powerful behavior modification techniques, you will discover how your patients can effortlessly be driven towards their dreams. You should only choose this program if you want to laugh and learn about improving your patients lives while they develop consistent exercise and nutrition habits. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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