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                                                                                                Happy Easter


If someone asked you what date Christmas fell out on, I'm sure December 25 would fly out of your mouth without hesitation. If someone asked you what day New Years was celebrated you would immediately jump to the conclusion that the person asking this question was most likely celebrating with their favorite bottle of spirits as if New Years was occurring at that very moment.  But did you ever stop and wonder what day Easter is celebrated? Most of us just associate Easter with the first daffodil of spring or the first week when we can retire our coats for the season. Well, get ready to mark your calendars and prepare to learn the formula behind this most special day of the year. 

Let's start by getting the obvious out of the way. We all know that Easter will be celebrated on a Sunday. Pretty easy so far, huh? Now get ready to buckle down for the tough part. This Sunday celebration must follow the 14th day of the paschal moon. Whoa! What did he just say? Did I lose you yet? Let me explain. The calendar year is divided into two parts: the vernal or spring equinox and the autumnal equinox. This part is easier to explain than it may seem. Equinox means equal, which means the spring and fall equinox are the days of the year when day and night are equal. The spring equinox always occurs on March 21. Now just look up in the sky for a full moon. Do you see it yet? The next Sunday on the calendar is Easter. 

What's that you say? You still want something definitive to write down in your calendar?  Since we know that Easter can never occur before the first full moon after the spring equinox and since we know that the spring equinox always occurs on March 21, you can rest assured that Easter will never occur before March 22. 

There is another way to determine when Easter will occur this year. Look at the calendar! But wasn't it rewarding to discover the history behind this date? Happy Easter!



Joel Weintraub is a stand-up comedian and humorous educator who has developed a stand-up comedy health show called, “Humor for the Health of it”. To book a show for your corporation or organization …. contact Joel at his website,

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