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How to Survive in a Poor Economy plus How to Bring Customers out of their Kitchens and Back To your Restaurant


Turn Traditional Recipes Into Super Food Meals

Learn about the super nutritious foods that can be added and substituted to traditional recipes. Don't just cut the fat, sugar and salt from your menu items. Glorify your recipes with delicious and healthy foods that will keep your customers coming back for more. In addition to learning how to add these foods to your cooking you will also discover techniques for squeezing more nutrition from every ingredient.


How to Tweak your Favorite Recipes for Developing Healthy Versions of Popular Meals

Who said healthy food cannot taste good? Learn how to make subtle changes to some of your most popular dishes so the words delicious and healthy will be heard up and down the hallways.    


How to get Customers to Drool over your Menu

What sounds more refreshing? A Lime Soda or Key lime Pie Delight? How about an Orange Soda or Thirst Quenching Creamsicle? Discover how to turn your menu into colorful and exotic prose that will have your customers eating right off the menu. This program will also include information on how to turn formerly unhealthy menu items into those that are packed with nutrition.


Don’t Lose out on Customers that are Frightened to Eat in your Restaurant

Restaurants have been guilty of listing a hamburger and cottage cheese on a menu and advertising this high fat low nutritious meal as a “Diet Plate”.  If you truly want to attract the health conscious and informed consumer, we in the restaurant industry must advertise truly healthy meals and not just gratuitously advertise “Low Carb Meals” without knowing the facts behind our own menu.  This portion of the seminar will teach you how to inform your customers with health related information on the menu that will assist them in ordering from the nutritious side of your menu.


Empower your Customers to Design their own Meal

In a perfect world if customers had a choice they would want control over what they eat but would want someone to cook it for them. If Burger King can do it with a hamburger why can't you do it with your restaurant? Let your customers have it their way. Let them have control over what goes into their salad. Let them decide what cheese goes on the top of their hamburger. Sure it may take away the automation and efficiency of your operation, but if your customer appreciates it, isn't that worth the extra effort?



Nearly every successful business operation in America has learned the power of partnering with other businesses. Learn how you can extend your circle of influence by pairing with other businesses in your area.


Marketing Through your Employees

Your most effective form of advertising is already bought and paid for. Learn how your employees can market your products in and out of the store. Discover how you can turn unfortunate events into opportunities to shine.


The Key to Sales Success ... Persistence, Persistence, Persistence?

Persistence does not just consist of becoming motivated to perform the same tasks everyday. Persistence must also include finding alternate methods to attain your goals when previous behavior is no longer effective. This seminar also includes information on removing extraneous thoughts and focusing your energy on powerful ideas and techniques that will bring results.


The Emotional Side of Customer Service

When customers are emotionally committed to the restaurant staff, an emotional bond forms around the section of the customers brain called the Cingulate Gyrus and the Amygdala ... and the staff has now taken steps to improve the Cafeteria's "Circle of Influence". To make customers in any business truly feel special it is imperative that staff be trained in techniques that make anyone walking through their door truly feel as if they were “family”.  Learn the secrets of successful businesses that have learned how to turn customers into friends. Friends who keep their cash register ringing. 


Turnovers Belong in the Oven and the Football Field not in the Office 

Turn your work place into a stress free environment where creativity, harmony and cooperation prevail. Make your restaurant the second happiest place on earth


How to Find and Hire Star Performers while Reducing Employee Turnover

It’s common knowledge in the restaurant industry that if you hire good employees they will decrease your stress, improve your profit margin and reduce your turnover rate. But how do you find and hire these quality professionals?


Learn the secrets that headhunters don’t want you to know and discover how to magnetically attract the prime personalities in your industry. Once you have these restaurant award winners on your side it is imperative to hold on to them. The key is realizing that employees do not job hop seeking greater wealth. Treat an employee with respect and place them in positions in which they can improve their self-esteem and you could very well have an employee for the rest of the season. This seminar will reveal tips on how to improve employee morale and how to instantly motivate employees to pick up after themselves, answer the phone with enthusiasm and interact positively with customers and staff.


Safety: The Number 1 Priority for Your Staff 


Food Safety and Your Immune System

Food safety is important and this seminar will explain how to maintain a safe kitchen and prevent food borne illnesses, but just as important is learning about the one system that keeps us protected all day. A good question to ask is, "What defends you all day and never asks for thanks? Your immune system! But what exactly is the immune system? You never think about this little known section of your body until something goes wrong and you become sick. But the more you know about your disease fighting antibodies, the more you can keep your kitchen safe and modify your lifestyle to increase your immune systems efficiency and effectiveness at keeping you healthy and filled with energy to make it through another wondrous day. This program will travel deep into the immune system where you will discover how your skin, white blood cells and other parts of your body keep fighting to keep you healthy all day.

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