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Getting the Most Out Of Your Employees While Making Sure Your Employees Get the Most Out of Their Job

To get the most out of your employees you have to convince them that you care about them and have their best interest at heart. By having employees play a greater role in their job description and having them realize that salary is just one small perk of the many benefits they can derive from their job, employees will have that sense of ownership that is imperative to any successful operation.  In addition to including information on learning how to de-clutter your desk, improve time management skills and memory techniques, this course also includes information on the therapeutic benefits of humor and how humor can improve productivity, creativity and promote civility in the workplace.


Changing Behavior in the Work Place/How to Get Your Employees to Develop an Entrepreneurial Spirit and Attitude

In order to teach dolphins to jump 15-20 feet out of the water, trainers do not yell at the dolphins to jump and then punish them when they do not cooperate. Trainers will push a bar under the rope and every time the dolphin swims over the bar they are rewarded. The trainer keeps raising the bar until the dolphin is jumping 20 feet out of the water. This topic teaches how positive reinforcement is more effective at changing behavior in the workplace than through intimidation and negative reinforcement.


How to Find and Hire Star Performers

It’s common knowledge that if you hire good employees they will decrease your stress, improve your profit margin and reduce your turnover rate. But how do you find and hire these quality professionals? Learn the secrets that headhunters don’t want you to know and discover how to magnetically attract the prime personalities in your industry while learning how to screen for honesty, integrity and character. 


Reducing Employee Turnover/Turnovers Belong in the Kitchen and the Football Field … Not in the Office

Turn your work place into a stress free environment where creativity, harmony and cooperation prevail. Make your business the second happiest place on earth


Employees do not job hop seeking greater wealth. Treat an employee with respect and place them in positions in which they can improve their self-esteem and you could very well have an employee for the rest of their working life. This seminar will not only have you laughing and learning about how to improve employee morale but you will also learn behavior modification techniques to instantly have employees picking up after themselves, answering the phone with a positive attitude and interacting positively with residents and fellow staff. 


How to get 25 Hours out of a 24 Hour Day

Having the Time of Your Life

Isn't it amazing how the math never works out? If you sleep eight hours and work eight hours doesn't it seem that there should be eight more hours left for you? What happens to a third of the day? Where is the time for you? Well if you ever wanted to make 25 hours out of a 24 hour day, you definitely want to make time for this program. By improving efficiency and effectiveness and by learning time management, behavior modification and memory techniques you will find that extra hour you have been searching.


Behavior Modification ... The Science Behind Motivation

Sure this very funny and uplifting motivational program is packed with information on setting goals and lighting a fire under your passions, but after learning the secrets behind these powerful behavior modification techniques you'll learn how to effortlessly be driven toward your dreams. You should only choose this program if you want to laugh and learn about improving your career, finances, relationships with fellow employees and family members and are interested in developing consistent exercise and nutrition habits.       


Critical Decision Making, Team Work and Leadership                      

Improving Productivity with Three Quick Steps to Creative Problem Solving

From Conflict to Cooperation ...How to Mediate a Dispute

What do heads of companies, comedy writers, advertising executives, school employees and parents have in common? Creative problem solving! When used correctly the same techniques used to run a company, improve sales, write a joke, launch an ad campaign and raise a family are very similar. In addition to learning these three techniques that will give you the ability to invent solutions to personal and corporate problems, you will also learn the techniques of parallel thinking. With parallel thinking you will no longer have to argue in the board room or the family room. Parallel thinking will lead you to solving problems together and uniting to arrive at mutually beneficial solutions.


Getting Along With Difficult People

There are two types of difficult people we periodically encounter. There is the perpetually difficult person and the situationally difficult person. The perpetually difficult person seems to have adjusted to a life of misery and is not shy about sharing their portion of gloom with the rest of the world. The situationally difficult person cannot wait to get back to a life of contentment … as soon as you right their perceived wrong. Understanding that both your perpetually and situationally difficult nemesis are thinking with the emotional section of the brain called the amygdala will help you win them over … so no matter what the cause of angst and belligerence, victory and understanding will be shared by all. This portion of the seminar will not only explain thephysiological makeup of difficult people, but will also describe specific steps to actually change the biochemistry of your object of frustration.


Marketing Through your Employees

Your most effective form of advertising is already bought and paid for. Learn how employees can market your physicians in and out of the office. Discover how you can turn unfortunate events into opportunities to shine.


Leadership Boot Camp

George Washington had it and so did George S. Patton. Besides sharing the same name, what these two accomplished Generals had in common was excellent leadership skills. But what makes some people leaders and others followers? Energy, enthusiasm and organized thought!  How many times have you seen a sleepy, fatigued and scattered leader?


Learn how to get a good night’s sleep so you can tackle your daily duties with enthusiasm. Develop powerful time management techniques and sharpen your memory. Discover how our sometimes irrational brains work and learn how to modify behavior at work and at home. Discover these leadership skills and more while picking up techniques to organize your own thoughts and those of your family, friends and co-workers.

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