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Keynote and Seminar Topics

Don’t Stress Over a Poor Economy plus Coping Techniques and How to Overcome Burnout

If your bills are piling up and your spirits are as low as your 401 K this seminar is for you. Discover how to reduce your stress and increase your understanding of the stock market by combining these seven popular seminars      


Positive Thoughts Lead to Positive Results/ How to Tune up your Attitude and Prevent your Engine from Burning Out/ Discover how to put Life in Perspective

We create our own reality. Our positive thoughts create our positive feelings and our positive feelings lead to positive behavior. Discover how to recharge your life and send your world into positive territory and achieve the results that have been waiting for you your entire life.


Love your Job! Love your Life!

Discover how to love your job and your life by learning how to communicate with yourself and fellow team members. This one hour program will transform your life by delivering tips on how to use creative thinking to reduce stress, change perspective and improve productivity. Experience how to change from a state of depression and anxiety to one of happiness, hope and productivity; but perhaps most important of all, we will learn about the magical benefits of incorporating humor in our lives.


How to Instantly Change from a State of Depression and Anxiety to one of Happiness, Hope and Productivity 
I thought about changing this title until I realized there were no other headings that accurately describe this program. Within 20 minutes you and your patients will discover three techniques that literally make it impossible to not feel elated and motivated to plan and execute your goals.


Humor for the Health of it

Can you think of a better way to invest an hour? How would you like to learn how to discover a fresh perspective on life while learning how to view the world through a comedian’s eye? Would you like to learn how humor can increase creativity, productivity, memory and reduce the incidence of disease? Discover all this and more while you learn how to change from a state of depression and anxiety to one of happiness, hope and productivity. You will also discover how to develop autonomous children and promote positive change.


Behavior Modification ... The Science and Secrets Behind Motivation ... Discover how to Dream, Believe and Achieve! 
Sure this very funny and uplifting motivational program is packed with information on setting goals and lighting a fire under your passions, but after learning the secrets behind these powerful behavior modification techniques you'll learn how to effortlessly be driven toward your dreams. You should only choose this program if you want to laugh and learn about improving your career, finances, relationships with fellow employees and family members and are interested in developing consistent exercise and nutrition habits.   


The History of the Stock Market and How to Minimize Risk

Did you ever notice your eyes glaze over when your financial advisor talks about asset allocation? To a fearful investor this concept has all the meaning of a cliche. In order for clients to feel confident being in the market, they have to understand the history of market fluctuations with examples of how to minimize risk.


Behavioral Economics and the Three Best Ways to Motivate Yourself to Save and Invest for the Future

Buy high, sell low. What would ever convince us to design such an investment scheme? Don’t blame it on the pre-frontal cortex, the section of the brain responsible for logical investing. Surprisingly it’s the amygdala, the emotional section of the brain, which is one of the reasons why a majority of novice and even a few “seasoned” investors seem to consistently come up short. Discover how the amygdala constantly interferes with investor logic and profit. Learn about the amygdala so it no longer has power over you and can no longer interfere with intelligent investment decision

Behavior Modification Techniques to Improve Exercise Compliance, Healthy Eating Habits and How to Control a Ravishing Appetite.

Overcoming Obesity

Tips to improve exercise compliance and improve dietary habits include understanding that it takes approximately 30-60 days to break old habits and 90 days to develop new ones. This topic will discuss how to "stay in the game" long enough to make it to the 90th day. You will also learn about the seven foods that help to control a ravishing appetite and how to time your meals to outwit those hunger pangs. You will also be able to give your patients three simple but delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner which will help anchor them toward healthy eating and controlling their cravings. The exercise portion of this program will show you how your patients can develop their own home gym on a shoe-string budget and how they can overcome the excuses of, "I have no time and I can't get motivated". 

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