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Feeding Your Brain

        Seminars for Improving Health,      

     Intelligence and Creative Thinking


Mind Games … Strategies for Helping Students and Adults Absorb and Understand Information

How to Develop a Powerful Memory you'll Never Forget

Wake Up to a Powerful Memory 

You can wake up to a powerful memory once you discover the relationship between sleep, stress, cortisol and your ability to store and access information. In addition to learning how to improve sleep habits, decrease stress and increase focus, this seminar also includes the four basic principles for improving memory as well as tips for overcoming absent-mindedness. As a bonus we will also reveal how humor techniques can improve memory retention.


Here is What We Told You About Nutrition and the Brain

Here is What We Currently Know When it Comes to Developing Highly Intelligent Employees

So much has evolved in the world of nutrition and especially it’s relationship to the brain and how information is processed. There are so many facts about nutrition’s impact on the brain that we thought were true, only to find out that science marches on and what we originally knew as fact has now changed.  


This seminar will will also reveal how prevalent obesity is in the country and also establish the relationship between obesity and super-foods and the effect that these very nutritious foods have on the ability for patients to absorb and retain information. We will also discover clever tips for improving nutrition compliance in our fast food loving fast paced world. You will also be on the edge of your seat as you and your team compete to win valuable prizes in the Nutrition Game Show.


Super Foods from Around the World

The world is a giant supermarket stocked with super foods that are not only pleasing to the palate but have also been known to improve our health. Take a tour through various countries as we explore the benefits of Wild Salmon in Alaska, Miso Soup in the Orient, beans in Mexico to the benefits of using Curry in India. We will hop a ship to Europe as we discover the benefits of the Mediterranean diet and journey back to America to explore the chemical properties and benefits of everyday foods such as broccoli, oatmeal and whole grains.

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