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How Can We Do Our Jobs Better?


How to Reduce Stress, Increase Focus, Wash Our Emotions Between Customers and Staff and Have Empathy for Those We Work With

It is not a secret that parks and recreation can be a very rewarding calling but it can also be very stressful when juggling various aspects of the job. In order to fix any problem you have to acknowledge that problem and when an employee becomes stressed and frazzled, customer service does have a tendency to suffer. So how do we overcome the stress that seems to occur daily? This program will address this through a four pronged attack. It is imperative that we reduce our stress through stress reduction techniques and learn how to increase our focus. The second step is to learn how to change our sometimes frazzled state and wash our emotions between clients and fellow employees. The third step is to use strategic thinking, critical thinking and creativity techniques for clarifying our thinking. The fourth step is to understand what our customers and associates are experiencing. We will peer into the brain to see what exactly is happening during our interaction with others during busy days.

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