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Happiness Can Not Be Purchased

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

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Happiness Cannot Be Purchased

Funny thing about our universe … you will normally accomplish what you truly set out to do. If you spend thousands of dollars on the most expensive Bose sound system, your house will be permeated with music so full that it will seem as if you are living in the Sydney Opera House.

If you spend half your disposable income on fine dining you will most likely satisfy your taste buds.

Buy a fast car and you will inevitably receive enough speeding tickets to justify your insurance company in raising your rates.

Unfortunately, what these products won't buy is happiness. If you want happiness you must look inward and truly determine what makes you happy. Most of us do not seek inward. We seek outward … toward Madison Avenue or simply down our own avenue as we jealously covet our neighbor’s possessions. A while back I spoke to a young dynamic materialistic woman who purchased a BMW simply to tell the world that she had made it. This led me to thinking that if she was truly happy and content she would not feel the need to flaunt her success. Success and happiness is personal. If you feel that you have to show others your true possessions, that is not happiness. It is gloating … which is fleeting and limited in its ability to satisfy.

Every tool has a purpose. If you want to bang a nail in a piece of wood you use a hammer. If you want to satisfy a craving for frothy drinks you buy a blender or perhaps a Vita-Mix or possibly just purchase a frothy drink.

If you are seeking happiness you must find that which truly makes you happy. If people make you happy, then develop or sustain relationships with people that make you happy. How about a new career … is there something out there that would give you the emotional satisfaction you have been craving? If your career is satisfying then how about pursuing a new hobby? Are there any skills you would enjoy pursuing?

These are the "things" that truly make us happy. When you have your health, when you have your inner circle of friends and family and when you are following your dreams you are certainly on your way to happiness.

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