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Learn to Laugh at Life’s Absurdities

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

How could you not go crazy in this world? Women are taught at a young age that they are beautiful, adorable and cute. Men are taught to be tough, durable and to make a good living. Twenty years later, husbands complain that their wives spend too much time on their looks and women complain that their husbands are workaholics, even though today women work as much or more than their husbands.

We drive each other crazy. Doesn’t anyone make sense anymore? Husbands complain that their wives never look pretty for them but then complain that women spend too much time in the bathroom.

Wives become frustrated that their husbands don’t bring home enough money and then give them the third degree for spending too much time at the office.

As adults we want our children to be funny, clever and outgoing. When they get on our nerves we tell them to sit down and shut up.

Do you think that these ironies end at home? The whole world is out of whack. We haven’t even made it to the office yet.

The boss will tell you that they want your report due within 24 hours and in the same breath will tell you they expect perfection. No room for negotiation there, huh?

How about driving to the office? If you drive too fast you get pulled over and are penalized with a ticket. Drive one mile per hour less and the driver behind you is trying to run you off the road.

I can’t even figure out one of the most precious domestic animals known to man…the beloved dog. A comic, Steve Bluestein said it best,

“Blow in a dog’s face and they get mad at you. Put your beloved pet in the car and they stick their head out the window. “

The moral to this is that we do not have control over what goes on in this silly, petty and conflicting world of ours. What we do have control over is the most important power of them all … how we react to them.

And what better way to act toward lunacy than with a sense of humor. Hey, who even needs a sense of humor? With our world all you have to do is observe these incongruent facts and you have to laugh. Just go with it. This is natures comedy act. Enjoy the show.

Humor is a tool that enables us to have fun even in the face of adversity while stress is self- imposed misery that we place upon ourselves even in the most pleasant situations.

It is indeed a power that we as humans possess. To be able to destroy potentially happy occasions while at the same time being able to make the most of tragic situations.

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